Facility Condition Assessments

PMA has performed Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) using both the Deferred Maintenance (DM) Parametric Method developed by Department of Defense and NASA and the classical project based FCA where detailed projects and cost are identified for a campus or single facilities.

The DM FCA process employed by PMA allows a large number of facilities to be evaluated for condition, estimate Current Replacement Value, determine System and Facility Condition Index (SCI/FCI), and produce an estimated Deferred Maintenance by building and system for less than $0.15 per GSF based for a North American campus of 4,500,000 GSF with 450 facilities. Our estimated cost is based on the experience we have gained from performing DM Assessments for over 100,000,000 GSF for office buildings, communications and computer centers, educational facilities, manufacturing (continuous and discrete), test cells, and R&D complexes.

Based on one of our client’s comments, we were able to estimate the DM after two weeks within 10% of the estimate produced by their full time staff in a year.

PMA has also performed detailed engineering assessments internationally when specific identification and budgeting for projects were required.

PMA believes the two approaches to performing FCA are intertwined, the DM Method is a strategic planning tool used to identify a directionally correct (±10%) estimate of the deferred maintenance and to trend facility condition over time. The classical detailed FCA is used to target specific facilities and projects for final budgeting.