Operations and Maintenance Consulting

PMA has worked with many Fortune Five Hundred Companies to identify reliability issues, analyze and clear production bottlenecks, revise design and procurement specifications to improve reliability, train and personnel on reliability technologies and techniques. PMA personnel have worked with company personnel from the boardrooms of America to the jungles of Borneo and everywhere in between.

PMA has assisted production facilities for rockets and space craft, casket manufacturers, primary metals, paper, pharmaceuticals, amusement rides, petrochemical, power generation and many other industrial segments.

Our approach is simple, follow the money and apply sound principles anchored in classical physics and engineering. There are only six classical simple machines which can be assembled in different configurations using different forms of motive force and controls.

The PMA approach:

  1. Pareto Analysis (80:20 Rule) where is the time and money going
  2. Dissect the targeted process/machine into its basic parts
  3. Analyze the failure
  4. Determine the cause (design, application, operations, maintenance, training, tools, and environment)
  5. Develop a solution set and cost estimate (Return on Investment)
  6. Teach and implement the solution set
  7. Audit the process, refine as required

All PMA personnel from the President down work in the field as engineers and technicians as the conditions warrant. PMA approaches our clients the same way, we do what it takes to add value and improve your operations. We believe, when you select us for your team, we work until the job is done and you are satisfied – no more and no less.